Most T-shirt are like billboards – short slogans

The message consists of a few simple words and can be read at a glance. But sometimes there’s more to the slogan than fits on the shirt itself.

Some of my T-shirt designs have longer stories related to the message. When that happens, there will be a link from the specific T-shirt page to its story. I hope to add such stories to most of the SEIZE THE SPARK designs.

Stories Behind the Shirt is a category that can be found on the Blog Category drop-down menu.

Many of these T-shirt messages came from my books

I’ve written many short essays called BonBons – with a bite of wisdom in every one.

As an example, we’ve all heard the phrase, “Opportunity Knocks.” Here’s the shirt I designed. Opportunity Knocks You Down – to get your attention.

And here’s the BonBon about it, published in 2016.

Opportunity Knocks

A BonBon

Opportunity knocks—but not the way you expect. It doesn’t come up to your door like a well-bred guest, asking for admittance. Opportunity knocks you down. As you lie there, feeling beaten, you have several choices:

  • Fume and grumble—maybe even get angry
  • Move on as quickly as possible and dismiss the whole thing
  • Feel really bad about how this could have happened to you
  • Try to figure out if it might be an opportunity being offered (actually, shoved at you)

When ambushed by adversity and disappointment, you are forced to see yourself and everything around you a little bit differently than usual. You get a chance to make a fresh start, set off in a new direction—coupled with the motivation to try it.

By knocking you down, something is trying very hard to get your attention. And the harder the whack, the more urgent is the message. Pay attention! You’ve been stopped, derailed, disconnected from your familiar routine.

So pause a moment before moving on again. Take a good look at the people involved, the less-than-welcome situation, and the way it all relates to you. Notice intensely, giving attention to all the pieces. It just might be opportunity knocking.

From BonBons and Treats © 2016 by Faith Lynella  [Note there are two more Opportunity Knocks BonBons]


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