Our T-shirts Act as a Form of Communication

Our T-shirts Act as a Form of Communication

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People often let their T-shirt speak for them

Read-My-Chest-Kids-4-Grass-0The message printed on the front (or back) is clear for all to see. In that sense, the person’s T-shirt can be considered their personal billboard. What’s printed on it tells everyone they encounter what’s on their mind. The wearer fully expects people to read it and react to what it says.

The messages printed on T-shirt have evolved from name-brand labeling and sports-related motifs. These days, a person often chooses a T-shirt precisely because it conveys a particular message to the world. One they’re prepared to stand behind (quite literally).

You want people to know what’s on your mind – as well as on your chest. You’re making a statement – without having to say a word out loud.

My-T-shirt-is-my-soapbox-Kids-4-Cranberry-0Message T-shirts can

  • State your identity – or something you identify with
  • Act as a soapbox from which you deliver a point of view
  • Express your feelings and mood – even as a mood booster
  • Entertain, as with a joke or lovely graphic
  • Share a quote that you consider worth repeating
  • Publicize a cause
  • Support a team, athlete or sporting event
  • Be a fan of someone, a group, or any old thing

Whatever reason you have to acquire a particular T-shirt in the first place, by wearing it you’re choosing to let it be a part of the way you communicate with others.

Every time you put on a message T-shirt you’re deciding what you want to say and who you want to speak to.

Wearing a T-shirt reflects 4 choices

  • Getting it in the first place – whether for yourself or as a gift
  • Putting it on in the morning (selecting it from all your other T-shirts or similar garments)
  • Engaging with those who read and react to what it says
  • Keeping it to wear again

So how much thought do you give it?

Even if you have lots of T-shirts in your wardrobe, what makes certain ones stand our for you so they get chosen again and again? And pa-lease don’t say it’s about fashion.