T-shirt Evolution – 100 years

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T-shirts are Everywhere – on Everyone

It feels like they’ve been around forever. But T-shirts started out as underwear. And it took a while for T-shirts to become the “Walking Billboards” that they are today.

These days, the humble T-shirt is likely to appear at almost any kind of event social event. And they’re hard to beat for hunkering down around home. Which to choose for buying and wearing is likely to make a statement in some form. It could be funny, or artistic, chosen because of its design or color combination. But the ones you choose to wear could just as likely be a statement about your chief interests or what you’re a fan of. The variety of images can be infinite.

For instance, here are several versions of shirts for grandma that focus on why grandkids love them so much. But depending on her interests, Grandma could just as easily and appropriately wear almost any T-shirt on this website . Which also points to the universal appeal of people wearing T-shirts that communicate what matters to them. Every demographic group finds that T-shirts fit into their wardrobe rather handily.

What about your own T-shirt evolution?

From the time you were old enough to select and buy your own clothing, how have you acquired the T-shirts you still own? Which ones do you hold onto, even if you don’t wear them much, or at all, because they’ve become souvenirs of a certain person, time, or place in your life?

You could probably track the evolution of your chief interests from lining up the T-shirts you own in sequential order. What mattered to you then, compared to what you care about today? Shorn of  the datedness of most clothing that goes out of fashion, the style doesn’t change much. And the fit isn’t much of an issue because it is loose to start with. That also goes into why we hang onto our T-shirts, even while weeding trendier garments out of the closet.

Just as going through your old photo albums is a walk down memory lane, your stack of T-shirts can serve the same purpose. Each time you put one of them on, pause to recall why that particular shirt is special to you. Then take a few moments to recapture those feelings and why they are worth remembering.

And if you could take another moment, feel grateful that you that those people or experiences in your life. Not a bad way to start a day, just by selecting the T-shirt you’re about to put on. Already the day looks brighter.