Two mugs

Mugs, Jewelry and More

As a writer and publisher, my primary motivation has long been to write things worth thinking about. And then to get those ideas out into the public arena. Books are one way to do that. But they’ve been supplanted by much shorter “reads:” blog posts, tweets, billboard-style ads and banners—wherever the eyeballs and the attention lands.

If I want what I’ve written to get read, it’s necessary to think beyond the printed page. That has evolved into me speaking/writing more concisely. Can I distill a long-winded idea into a meme? A catchy phrase? I’ve been combing through my publications to find the best ones. And find myself writing more in that extremely short form.

Communicating at a glance

That led me to designing T-shirts and developing this website. But as I’ve developed the simple word-based T-shirt designs, I realized  the same designs can just as quickly and easily be printed on mugs, hats, posters, jewelry, and other objects.

So many slogans of mine have been produced on mugs and jewelry items. If you’d rather have one of my unique slogans, but rather not wear it as a T-shirt, now you can get them other ways.

My mug, tote, and jewelry store on ETSY

This website sells T-shirts that are sold, paid for, and delivered through So it is unable sell products of mine that are not available through Amazon. That’s why these parallel items are being sold through this link. So far there are over 600 items that are all original to me and what I’ve written.

An advantage of having the Spresy store is its ability to offer my unique new items as quickly as i conceive them.That’s a great treat for someone who’s accustomed to the very long lead times involved in writing, then publishing a book – long before any readers can check it out.

Most of these products will be promoted using social media websites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

The Spreesy store is designed to be mobile friendly—catering to smart phone users. If a person sees a mug or slogan of interest, they only need to send a comment. Immediately they’ll receive an invoice to purchase the item via email. As soon as they authorize payment for the item via PayPal or a credit card, the purchase is made.

It will take about a week for that order to be processed and sent, but the entire sequence is seamless and efficient.

Same slogan—Different forms

Here’s an example of a design I made for a T-shirt, as a necklace and a bracelet. There’s a mug as well. This saying is so meaningful to me that I tell The Story Behind it on this page.

Brief, insightful, and in your face

As a writer, I’m finding that getting out new mugs on a regular basis, is akin to publishing a one-page flyer. Get it while it’s new! Get it while it’s NEWS! It is a whole different mindset for me than writing a chapter for a book. But this new format, coupled with prior books and those still in the pipeline, is able to reach whole new audiences. That is a happy thought.

Once in a while a slogan will be produced on a mug or jewelry, without it also being made into a T-shirt. So I’d like to encourage you to visit this website as well as that store from time to time to see what’s new.