I just took down over 100 wonderful T-shirts

Why would I do that?!

The ones I removed were beautiful, some of the most creative T-shirt designs to be found among the thousands that Amazon sells.

I had already located them, added them to my store, and linked them up to my tags and categories. Having them in my “stock” definitely improved the look of my website. And that is why they had to go.

They were beautiful, skilled, accomplished graphics, well beyond the level of my skill. The designs were primarily graphics, some with very clever or funny images. The T-shirts I removed were pleasant, to be sure. But they did not have a uniform message. Certainly not my message.

I am trying to create Seize the Spark as a brand

Here’s what I mean by Seize the Spark 

The shirts taken down were never part of my brand since they were created by others. The T-shirts themselves had interesting visuals and slogans. But they did not convey the insights that I want to get out into the world.

My desigsn are admittedly rather plain because most of them are only slogans. The fonts might be interesting, but almost all are rendered in black printing.

But I don’t consider myself merely a brand, but a point of view. One that is tied to upbeat energy and creative insights. They are not simply MY Sayings, but sayings taken from what I’ve written to encourage others to seize the sparks of insight that flash brightly for someone from tme to time.

Delivering a message, a binkle

Part of me wishes my designs could be pretter. And one of these days, I hope to gussy the collection up a bit with professional assistance. But I also know that the words are strong enough not to need to be pretty to be meaningful.They have the truth and energy of Binkles – that gives them power.

See more about the Binkle here. BINKLES

And what they convey is too pressing to have to await me getting that degree of polish. A favorite saying of mine is, “Half-assed is better than no ass at all.” (And I doubt it will ever appear on one of my T-shirts.) The meaning is: get into the game, and work on the refinements as you go along. Not being fully ready is not an excuse for inaction.

What I’ve come to see is that my T-shirts and mugs (or any other form they’re printed on) are about identity. Claiming who you are. Standing tall because something within yourself is strong and animating your every move. You are willing to be in the Binkle Movement, letting binkles have a presence in your life. That is the animating core of this website. And as I said on this mug, strange things are afoot, and my priority is to be in synch with these emerging energies.

It took me a while to catch on

When I set up this website, I wanted it to be offering upbeat shirts, and I figured mine would blend in with the others. And I  still had a lot to learn about making T-shirts and getting them out into the world. This website was to be only one prong of that. But it soon became apparent that I was trying to ride two horses – a T-shirt store plus having a home base for designs of my own. And that was not a singular goal.

I’m a little guy and am not a writer or celebrity who people are eager to quote. There’s a lot of competition out there. But once I saw my ambivalence, there was no choice but to change the emphasis of this site.

If it were only about me and my ideas, I would not be so gutsy as to take down everything that wasn’t designed or written by me. But I have a trust in Binkle Power. I have a trust in the power that upbeat energy to make remarkable things happen.

A new promise to you

Now that I’m clearer about what my designs and Seize the Spark Shirts are for, I also understand in a much more relevant way how important its mission is. So I will be blogging more faithfully about certain shirts and the meaning of their messages.

I hope you’ll come back, see how this new commitment takes root. But for now, I’m treating this smaller, tighter store as a sign of being a sign of my own evolution. Every T-shirt can be a soapbox, and thank you for visiting mine.