How a Binkle is Different than Just Plain “Happy” – The story behind

How a Binkle is Different than Just Plain “Happy” – The story behind

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How a Binkle is Different than Plain Just Plain “Happy”
A BonBon

Lots of things can make us happy—for a moment.

• We’re pleased to get what we want—or something even better
• We really love being liked or appreciated
• We can’t wait for things to turn out the way we want them to be
• We live for the days when we know that our life has a meaningful purpose
• And more…

But some ways we make ourselves feel good aren’t good for us—or anyone else,
• Using power tricks or manipulation of others to make things go our way
• Undermining those around us in petty or self-dealing ways
• Enjoying addictive habits and practices that let us escape our responsibilities or what we agreed to do
• Blaming the world for our problems and mistakes
• And the list goes on…

So a person can feel happy without the joy of your heart bubbling up. But then there’s a sense of something missing.

Binkles are always accompanied by joy in some form or another

You feel a zizz of energy rippling through you—whether a slight tremor or a full-fledged Wow! Of course, happy and binkles usually appear together. But when you feel negative feeling about somebody (or yourself) there’s no place for joy. No binkles. How sad.

Take a closer look at what makes you happy. If there’s there no upbeat energy present, no binkle, some sort of deception is going on. Maybe it’s a half-truth or fudge about what’s happening. Or it could be from a self-deception you’ve lived with so long you no longer doubt its erroneous message.

It’s your job to tell the difference between what you call happy and the joyful energy of a binkle. If they’re the same, wonderful! Otherwise, look for the “worm in the apple.” To find the offending distortion brings an unacknowledged “lie” to light. It’s replaced by a truth that can set you free. You’ll know you’ve found it because of feeling the binkles and a blast of joy.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a negative binkle. Your heart can always tell the difference between a real one and a fake, even if your mind gets fooled sometimes. Your body knows as well—by the energetic zizz it feels. (A fake binkle is draining and takes you down a notch.)

Don’t settle for less than happy and binkles—now that’s a happy thought!

*Binkle – The smallest particle of affectionate energy that’s created between two people. You can feel it.

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