Your group or organization can get your own T-shirt design made on Amazon

These three pages explain how it works.

Start with this page – Design a T-shirt

Then go to Guidelines for Custom T-shirt Design Content

The rest of this page provides the Graphic Guidelines. Most of it is taken directly from Merch.

My Role in this

Not everyone can post their T-shirt design to the Merch program. They have a long waiting list. That is one reason why I am willing to work with you to get the T-shirt design your want made and available for sale on Amazon. Contact me about what you want, and we can make it happen.

DISCLAIMER  I am not a graphic designer. Depending on the state of your design (rough sketch to ready for upload), the final design could require more than my skills. If so, it is possible that  we might have to rely on somebody with the necessary ability – Probably on fiverr. That could involved a small charge of @ $20. It is not paid to me or to Amazon since there is no charge for putting shirts in Merch.

These guidelines apply to any T-shirts printed by Merch

To assure your design will print well, it must match Merch’s exact requirements: 15x18in, 300DPI, transparent background, PNG, and no more than 25MB in size.

Use one of these design templates, which work with Gimp, Photoshop, or other design software programs. [link]

By default we assume your design is sRGB.  So if you want to use another colors space (e.g. CYMK), please make sure you embed the color space into your PNG. Please note, you cannot

use indexed color space.

Designs are limited to 15 inches wide by 18 inches tall (4500 x 5400 pixels). Just because you can make your designs this big, does not mean you should. In fact, Amazon recommends keeping your design to 12 inches or less, and placing the image more towards the top of the shirt than directly in the middle. Second, you will also need to be sure to save your images in PNG format in order to upload.

We want to print the best possible t-shirt for your brand. For this reason, we have developed a system that allows you to create your T-shirt design in your preferred design software. This allows you to use all the fine-tuning controls you have come to expect when creating a design.

Create your design according to these specifications (listed on the T-shirt image):

  1. 15″W x 18″H @ 300ppi (i.e. 4500 x 5400 pixels)
  2. RGB
  3. less than 25MB

Templates to Download

Alternatively, download one of our t-shirt templates to use as a guide. These files are preset to the correct design specifications.

T-shirt Sizes

To ensure that your T-shirt is screen printable, where a single set of screens are used for multiple T-shirt sizes, we have grouped our T-shirt sizes into 3 print sizes. Your image will be auto-resized to each of these three print sizes based on the T-shirt.

Size A: 15x18in (100%) Size B: 10.8x13in (72%) Size C: 8.3×9.9in (55%)
Men’s 3XL Men’s Small Kids 6
Men’s 2XL Women’s Medium Kids 4
Men’s XL Women’s Small
Men’s Large Kids 12
Men’s Medium Kids 10
Women’s XL Kids 8
Women’s Large