This is a classic

Imagine being able to use their T-shirts to identify various types of wearers. It’s almost like those self-completed personality tests.

Of course, it’s all in good fun.

Where would you put yourself?

Knowing what you know about yourself and your T-shirt wearing friends and their interests, couldn’t you add another category or two?

You’ve found yourself on a T-shirt website, so I invite you to check out our selection. You could find yourself smiling. Who knows what will ring your bell.

All the T-shirts offered here have something in common. They’re upbeat and have a feel-good message. There’s not a single mean-spirited T-shirt in the bunch. That’s because each of them was designed by us or selected because it’s positive – maybe even energizing.

On a mission

Years ago a pizza delivery man told me he was a Happiness Missionary. And it was his mission to deliver happiness along with every pizza order. In that spirit, perhaps this website could be considered a place to find happy-making T-shirts.

T-shirts speak to you three times

  • When you buy or acquire one – and the associations that go with it. Why did you get that particular one in the first place?
  • When you decide to put it on in the morning. What made you put on that shirt today?
  • When people respond to what your T-shirt says. How does your shirt influence those around you?

Just the right shirt can have you feeling good all day long. And that would make other people feel good as well. That’s a BINKLE.

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