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Create your own group, organization or special event T-shirt

Group trip – family reunion – youth choir – sponsor a cause – whatever

Get all the T-shirts you want from a design of your making directly from Amazon. Create your unique design for your fans, friends, and followers with little or no out-front costs.

Simple, direct, and no guesswork about how many to buy

No need to stock a large selection, or to guess about the sizes or colors that might be required. Order them as needed because each person orders and pays for their own—directly from Amazon in exactly the size, number, and color they desire.

You won’t have to buy a large order in advance (although you need to allow at least 7 days after the T-shirt order is placed by the customer). Eliminate the need to count heads and sort out pre-orders from a lot of people. No need to figure out their sizes, collect the money from them, or distribute the shirts once they’re shipped. That eliminates a lot of time-consuming fiddle-diddle by a coordinator—probably you. That’s time better used elsewhere.

We can modify a suitable design you already have or create an entirely new one for your T-shirt. But The final design must satisfy the Merch specifications for acceptable content and design. That means, for instance, you cannot use well-established logos or trademarks, such as an NFL team.

Lots of Choices


Choose from these shirt colors.

Merch colors, T-shirt colors
Color Choices – choose 5

You can decide on a single color for all shirt orders at the time the design is finalized. Or you can choose up to five colors from this list to offer. And let the buyer decide which color to buy.


All T-shirts you design will be available in men’s, women’s, and kid’s sizes. Men’s sizes range from S-3XL, women’s S-XL, and kids k4-k12. All sizes are at the same price.

All of these sizes will be available from a single Amazon product page, enabling you to easily direct traffic to a single URL.


Your design can be printed on the front or the back – or both. The printed area must be within the specified area in the Design Guidelines.


Price is set at the time the T-shirt design is finalized and uploaded, and will be the same for all purchasers of the same design. Several factors can influence the final price (such as printing on both front and back or T-shirt style). However, trust me to keep the final price under $20.00 per shirt (not counting shipping, if applicable).

Special Considerations

Currently Merch by Amazon only ships to customers in the United States.

Based on the shipping method a customer chooses, T-shirts are printed and shipped within 5 to 7 days of receiving an order.

Review the Content Guidelines listed here

Review the Design Guidelines for the artwork or design

Let me work with you so you can use the convenience of Merch

Merch is Amazon’s custom T-shirt design program and I am a Merch-approved T-shirt creator. By working with me, you and/or your designer can make your unique T-shirt available through Amazon in a short amount of time.

First, you start with an idea, which must be reduced to a graphic design. Then we must get your custom design finalized according to the Merch Content Guidelines and the Merch Design Guidelines. At that point you can make decisions regarding colors, printing on back, price, etc.

Once that’s done, I can upload your unique design to Merch. Within days, your custom T-shirt will have its own sales page on Amazon – with its own product ID and URL.

At that point you can promote that page or URL to all your members, fans, etc. Whatever you can do to drive people to that page, the easier it will be for you to get your shirt into the hands of those who’d eagerly wear it.

Start by contacting me

We can decide if this will work for your organization, and what needs to be done. My email

The steps from having a design idea to being able to purchase your T-shirt from its own Amazon page need not take long. It certainly is faster if you already know what you want it to look like. Then it must be formatted into a graphic design according to the Merch Design Guidelines.

Let’s see if  we can get your custom T-shirt design idea turned into a T-shirt all your members or attendees would love to wear.