Bring on the Love – and the Cherishing

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Love is in the air – and the water

With Valentine’s Day coming…

LOVE is in the air. It started in grade school, when we exchanged cheesy valentines with classmates on February 14. Now that day cannot come and go without us wanting to feel tangible signs of affection from those we care about. The heart insists on being front and center – whether we’re saying I love you in words or in other personal ways.

Valentine’s Day is not just for endearments, but for the EXCHANGE OF ENDEARMENTS. I love you too… I love you back… I love you more. Of course, it’s ideal when it can be a two-way street. It’s even more wonderful if those feelings form a basis for relating all along.

love, romance, cherishMake a Declaration

This design captures a favorite saying of mine: Let the Cherishing Begin. This blog post describes how that phrase was a turning point in my life, the basis on which I live each day.. It has remarkable power, and sets the tone for finding, and sharing, the joy which can be found when we have the will to look for it.

True, cherishing speaks of love. But it need not be the romantic kind alone. Think of those closest to your heart: children, closest relatives, or dearest friends. They’re the ones we cherish the most. But we also cherish special memories and objects that are reminders of specialness. Hold them close.

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Other Cherishing Stuff

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