BonBons to Sweeten Your Daily Life
BonBons to Sweeten Your Daily Life

The first book I ever published was BonBons

That was back in 1996. BonBons are “wisdom in bite-sized pieces.” Over the years I’ve continued to write BonBons, so another volume of BonBons will be published in 2016.

There’s a special energy in a BonBon because it doesn’t just speak to the intellect, but also to that which is the highest and best within each of us. They are to be savored, for there’s an insight in every one.

I like to say “Every BonBon has a BINKLE center,” and since you’re on this website, binkles are all over the place. That’s on purpose, for upbeat energy is the binkle’s reason for being.

I’ve written and published many longer books since then, but nothing gives me the satisfaction that I get from BonBons. Over the years in one book or another, I’d find a phrase that was worth repeating, that wanted to be released from the covers of a book.

More Vision - Less Division
More Vision – Less Division

From Books to T-shirts

That’s how I came to design T-shirts. It used to be that quips and quotes that someone liked were applied as bumper stickers – for all the world to see. T-shirts have replaced car bumpers now. So favorite slogans or causes are likely to be worn on the chest.

Here are examples of T-shirts of mine based on BonBons:

Be the Kind Kind

Opportunity Knocks You Down  

Put Civil back into Civilization

Build a Better Mousetrap Maker


Read them all – in your own copy (box of chocolates)

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