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Be the Kind Kind

 A BonBon

Life need not be complicated:

   When in doubt—Be kind.

   When not in doubt—Be kind.

When difficulties abound like a swarm of gnats, taking your frustration out on those around you won’t make your situation better. Only worse—less caring.

When life seems like a mucky muddle—devoid of purpose—there’s no good that comes from blaming or complaining. From dropping the ball.

All the philosophies and religious principles in the world are mere lip service if they don’t make us more caring people. Just because it’s tough to do… or rejected… or misunderstood… or seems to be futile…

That’s no excuse. No excuse at all! It’s still what needs doing—all the more so.

Kindness rebuilds the whole, indifferent world—one thoughtful gesture at a time. Challenge by challenge. Person by person. Moment by moment. Isn’t that enough?!

Stick with it—Or you’ll be AWOL  –   Absent Without Love.

– From BonBons and Treats © 2016 by Faith Lynella

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