Off the Page Press
Off the Page Press

Off the Page Press has 3 imprints

Since it was established in 1994, our publishing company has produced mostly non-fiction books.

  • Quick & Painless – our business and practical titles
  • Radiant Library – our spiritual and inspirational titles
  • Waltzing Words – our fiction titles – so far only one

Imprint Logos

Radiant Library

WaltZing Words

Quick & Painless

Some of those published books yield T-shirts

As this website matures, I’ll be sharing more about those books and giving away short books and excerpts. The T-shirt is the shortest form of “publication” but whatever the length, they are all beating the drum for notions worth thinking about.
One way to make the books more relevant to this website is to provide more information about what written ideas gave rise to certain T-shirts. That will show up as The Story Behind the Shirt, mostly in blog posts.
Faith Lynella

Faith Lynella – Author

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