Introducing myself

Faith Lynella

I am a writer who realized that many more people will read a T-shirt than will ever read my books. If I want the world to read my stuff, it’s up to me to get it out there in much more accessible forms.

As author, publisher, and T-shirt designer, I am very involved in making Seize the Spark work. Add in website administrator, and you see me having a hands-on approach to whatever this T-shirt store offers.

Seize the Spark Shirts is affiliated with Off the Page Press

Off the Page Press

When Off the Page Press started in 1996, it operated as a traditional publisher for about ten years. That was back in the day when books were printed in large press runs – before Kindle versions and Print on Demand (POD).

It took a lot more time and money to publish a book than the way things are done today. And the time between writing the book and people being able to read it is much shorter. A lot has changed…

Nowadays, Off the Page Press publishes titles in both Kindle and softcover versions. They are available at and through other sellers.

The T-shirt delivers the message

Fewer people find time for reading books these days. So some of the most quotable phrases from books we’ve published have been designed into T-shirts. That way, the ideas can be read by many more people than would ever pick up the books.

It’s challenging to distill the most engaging notions from a printed volume into brief messages a person can wear. But both forms of “publication” spread the word to a larger public. That’s why it’s not surprising to see a publisher and a T-shirt store working together.

Let’s get personal

I will be very happy to hear your suggestions about how can work better for you. Or for T-shirt messages that you’d like me to design or offer.

Please email me on the Contact page.

The T-shirts for sale here

Each T-shirt shown on this website is selected by me from the many thousands available at Believe me, it’s hard to find the most suitable and  up-beat ones when there are so many available.

However, any T-shirt that says SEIZE THE SPARK was designed here as well. That’s our brand. I take full responsibility for their message.

One reason for starting this online store was to be able to give The Story Behind the Shirt for some of the designs I’ve done. Check the Blog category as well.

This website is an Amazon affiliate

All the shirts sold here (including my designs) are sold on In accordance with their Terms of Service, you can see the required policies and disclosures in the menu items listed under About (this page). The disclosure is also shown in the footer for each page on the website.

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